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Cost of Computer Gaming

Lost Opportunity Cost


Computer games have been around, well, since the beginning of computers. Even in the early 1960's mainframe days (yes I AM that old!) there were simple computer games, digital/printer art and even digital music. There were people who somehow figured out how to make a 'chain printer' play tunes and print out graphic pictures. Pretty amazing given the technology of the day.


But back then it didn't consume thousands of hours of millions of people's time and energy; not to mention the cost of equipment, the games themselves and lost opportunity costs. The time given to these games is pretty much incalculable as kids and adults squander hundreds of hours staring at digital displays, holding/manipulating hand held devices and accomplishing NOTHING.


Here is a quote from my #3 Grandson, a huge computer gamer, who just graduated from High School:

Its been fun but its time to go. I am leaving because this isn’t getting me anywhere and I've wasted 4 years of my life on this. Best of luck to all the amazing people I've met.”

His grades weren't the best but damn, he finally GETS IT! He will go far, realizing at such a young age that Time IS Money and time well spent is the foundation for the rest of your life! I'm SO very proud of him that he came to this realization this early in life. At 18, he has a grand future in front of him!


But what about the ten's of thousands of Adult gamers?? I've met some and talked to others and they spend HOURS and hours each week in front of a computer gaming screen. Yes, the technology is impressive with the digital graphics and now, early Artificial Intelligence, programmed into them these games are amazing. Aren't there better things to do with all those hours? How about reading a book to relax, volunteer at a local soup kitchen or read to kids in your local hospital. Volunteer for a charitable organization and Make some real-life Friends!


Me, sour grapes here, I've never been interested or maybe I'm just not coordinated enough to succeed at gaming. I love to read a book, explore new frontiers in Health, Technology and LIFE itself. I prefer to hike in Zion National Park to spending time in an air conditioned (nothing wrong with A/C) room staring at a screen when the entire Planet beckons!


Now, don't get me wrong. I own a Computer Consulting Business and am writing this on one of my computer workstations. I spend hours each day creating and maintaining web sites for my own business interests and that of others. I have a cell phone, two digital e-book readers, tablets and a host of other digital convenience devices. I am a true GEEK. I am online most of the business day and sometimes in the evenings responding postings on the many social network sites of which I'm a member; but I try to knock off at dinner time for the day.


There is a time and a place for digital media and the marvels of computing. They have brought the Planet some Amazing things and will continue to do so, but can't we focus on PRODUCTIVE pursuits. Leisure is important/critical to sanity for most of us, but consider talking a walk outside, look at the stars, get some sun (vitamin D) and breath some fresh air (even if you have to drive to the countryside to do so!).


Life is way too short to isolate yourself. You never know how much time you have in this Life. Don't you think that you should do something productive with your LIFE?