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Are We Destroying Ourselves

But Just Don't Realize?


I do a LOT of reading and monitoring of events on a daily basis. While I walk my treadmill, I watch documentaries and yes, sometimes some funny YouTube videos. I read voraciously every day in addition to my watching Planetary events unfold; mostly from trusted sources on the Net.


Frankly I'm terrified from what I see. No, it's not any single event but a trend that has been happening for decades. Since I've managed to pack many years into my life, I can see the trend that many younger folks may not see. It is not just a single trend but a thread of events all intertwined into a rope that I fear will hang us all. I think this is happening all over the Planet, but I am most familiar with the happenings in my own backyard in the USA.


The entanglements all revolve around CONTROL. Control of who we are, who we might become and WHO is Controlling the direction we, as a civilization, take. The Control is pervasive. From the very top, the multinational monetary forces that control trade and freedom of exchange. Then the USA Federal Government which has grown to massive proportions since WWII. Then there are the controllers in the State and Local governments and finally even the homeowners associations! Yes pervasive and persistent!


Laws that Control Us


I believe the root is in the belief that someone, anyone knows better than YOU do how to live your life. I'm not talking about civilization and basic laws. After all, most of the Civilized Planet believes that the original 10 Commandments are a pretty good basis for civilization. We are inundated with laws and regulations. They control practically every single thing we do, or are allowed to do. It seems that everyone else knows better than YOU do; how you should live, work, play and eat! These aren't just suggestions, but LAWS that are enforced by ever increasing, invasive authorities. From the police and law enforcement to the tax authorities to the school board and the very homeowners associations that tell you what to do, what grass to grow and on and on. All based on laws created by bureaucrats who never product much of anything.


There are so many laws that no one seems to know just how many! With the USA Federal Government there are more than 23,000 pages of laws on the books. That doesn't even count the 7,500 pages of laws from the IRS. There are over 20,000 laws governing the use and ownership of guns; which, by the way, is Our Constitutional Right! Then there are all the State local laws and regulations. How many? No one actually knows. We have created a noose of laws that are basically unknowable, unenforceable and for the most part, plain idiotic.


Controlling the Basics of Life


I think we can all agree that we need to eat. There are a lot of varieties of food available. Some better than others as far as nutrition and wholesomeness goes. There is a lot of debate and a lot of CHOICE, which is a good thing. If you want to eat junk food, go ahead, but watch out for the food police. Want to grow a garden, go ahead but watch out for the seed police; you may be violating a patent and have to pay a licensing fee on those stalks of corn in your backyard. Then there are the other 'patented' living things that the Supreme court in their gross ignorance has allowed to be patented. Yes, the Supreme Court has ruled that a seed can be genetically modified and the 'new' thing patented; even though they only added a few foreign genes into an already viable seed that could grow a plant and produce offspring with it's seeds. How can that be? What about the other 99% of the genes that occurred naturally in that seed/plant? By modifying a few genes (for better or for worse) they now OWN the patent on that species of plant.


Furthermore, not only does a single 'for profit' company now own a patent on life, they CONTROL all it’s subsequent use; so watch out if you have a garden! You could be sued for everything you have!


Freedom of Expression


We in the USA still are protected under the First Amendment of Our Constitution. It is FIRST for a reason!


Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


But OOPS, maybe not! The powers that be created a new law that overrides the Constitutional First Amendment:


Hate Speech


In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.


Of course the massive bureaucratic Federal, State agencies decide just what is to be forbidden. There goes the First Amendment. A bureaucracy will define what is and is not 'hate speech'. No more Freedom there!


Other Constitutional Violations


I don't plan to go on to other violations of our Freedom and Liberty by the massive bureaucracy WE The People have allowed to be created! Yes, WE did this to ourselves. Scared and intimidated by those 'others' who seem to want to control everything in OUR lives now decide how We will live, work and play. What ever happened to “Sticks and Stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me!”?


What we say, where we say it is now constantly monitored. Whether it be the NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS or other initialed agency, it is the ultimate 'Big Brother' who is watching our every move. From Street cameras & cell phone cameras, to internet email to blogs and private correspondence, nothing it really private any more.


Why have We The People allowed this to happen?


Scare Tactics Dominate Our Lives


We as a Nation and a People have been fear mongered, almost to death! Watch out for the boogeyman/terrorist. The child predator is around the corner. The guy wearing a hoody might attack you.


It goes on and on and is bolstered by a complicit, mostly controlled, Press cabal of journalists who have lost the true meaning of Journalistic Freedom and Reporting of the TRUTH.


We allow and believe the journalistic and political lies that floods the airways and media. The best lie is one that contains a kernel of Truth. The bureaucrats are expert liars and now have a cadre of corrupt journalists who retell and restate the lies until many, most?, believe them.


Fear of Risk No More Risk Takers.


With all the fear mongers telling people to cower in their homes, we have lost the magnificent American ability to, not only accept Risk, but to Seek it Out and CONQUER it.


Everywhere you turn, there is something being broadcast that you need to FEAR. Disease, Terrorists, Financial Loss and on and on.


Kids used to go out and play in the dirt. Not so much these days. They might get soiled and dirty, might eat dirt and get sick. Who knows who touched that monkey bar before you did? Contamination everywhere, germicidal cream to protect you from, well, everything.


The USA put men/women is Space; catapulted up on rockets that were designed and made by the lowest bidder! That takes guts, which is what we have lost. No excuse for purposeful malfeasance but still it's a risk many have been and are still willing to take.


BUT, now there are so many protections and supervisory roles created by bureaucrats to 'Protect' US from damned near everything. There are ever more dangers we must be protected from.


The key thing is that THEY, those bureaucrats who never, ever create anything, decide what is too dangerous and We The People must be protected from whatever 'IT' is.


Can We Save Ourselves?


Frankly, I'm not sure We The People can survive. Some of the Fears are REAL but in reality have been caused and supported and encouraged by the bureaucracy that creates the laws. It is a circle of Fear and Control that has to be broken. Bureaucracy creates corrupt, selfish, and self serving opportunities for those of lesser strength and fortitude. Too many Laws are created to bring down those seeking Excellence to a common not so excellent level.


To Succeed and Thrive seems to somehow be a bad thing. To BE Everything You Can Be is called selfish. To Excel in any one thing is to suppress those less capable; regardless if another might Excel in another endeavor beyond ones own capability. Team sports has degraded such that everyone is a winner making NO ONE a winner. Dumbing down our educational system to the lowest common denominator has smothered those who would otherwise strive for Excellence.


I truly fear for Our Future. As much as I'd like, I don't think I'll be around for another 100 years (but who knows?). I know that I try to encourage Everyone to be Excellent, to seek and strive to be the BEST they can be. Never settle for less than being the BEST. Be an example to and for others.


Fail and try again. Fail again, but Try Again! Never Give Up; Never Surrender. Always Be the Best and do NOT be arrogant enough to believe that you are better than another or know better than another how to Live Their Lives.


Focus on YOU and your Freedom to BE!