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Why Do We Allow a Microsoft Monopoly?

The Internet was designed to be a fail-safe way of exchanging information.  Designed with multiple pathways, it is almost impossible to destroy unless communications on the Planet are totally Shut down.  China, and maybe Russia and N. Korea, may come closest to total control with the ability to shut down but with new systems like Elon Musk’s Starlink that may soon be bypassed. 


But that brings us to Operating Systems.  Most people, businesses and governments us Windows; a Microsoft Product.  Bill Gates, most know, is hell bent on Global Genocide these days and is known as the developer of Windows.  Well, if you search history, you will realize that is false and he stole the core OS that was CP/M from Gary Kindall and parts of QDOS from Tim Paterson.  Gates then bamboozled IBM, a novice in the new technology, called the personal Computer, into a sweetheart deal.  And the rest, as they say, is history.


With that bit of history, Windows has always been a pile of crap software.  It still, to this day, constantly crashes, is unreliable and is just a hodgepodge of software cabled together. It has more holes than swiss cheese and folks have made their fortunes trying to build software to Secure around Windows because to secure the actual program product is damned near impossible.  Who knows what backroom deals Gates made with the CIA/NSA to put hooks into this OS to monitor and spy on everyone?  How else could a college dropout, with a crap OS grow have it installed on about every machine in every office around the WORLD? The CABAL is linked Everywhere.


All this being said, WHY is there NO VIABLE COMPETITIION to Microsoft Windows.  Yes, there are some open source platforms like Ubuntu (not bad actually) but it will not run most mainstream software code so never gained true market share except with techno-geeks like myself.  Because of its open source many don’t trust it either. As I write this, I’m downloading the latest version to run as a ‘dual boot’ system to see how far it has come. (https://ubuntu.com/download/)


Because Ubuntu is basically ‘freeware’ it has no real identifiable support beyond the thousands of volunteers and co-developers.  The core is not owned/controlled by a corporation but Canonical Ltd. is a UK-based privately held computer software company founded and funded by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth to market commercial support and related services for Ubuntu and related projects.  That being said, most companies may be unwilling to trust to an open-source product that is only services, not owned/controlled by anyone to run their companies, much less government systems.


One of the biggest deterrents is Microsoft Office as it has become a De facto standard for almost everything.  Many do not know of another open source and Excellent open-source product called LibreOffice that does almost ALL the same functions as MS Office and it’s FREE in a smaller footprint and more efficient manner.  It is fully compatible with all MS Office files.


So where are the Angel Investors, who would design, write, develop and support a Microsoft Windows competitor?  There is a Trillion Dollar goldmine waiting.  More so as the lauded Bill Gates continues to be tarnished with his push for planetary genocide, vaccines and global population reduction.  There are billion$ to be made!