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The Miserable State of Information Technology Systems


Back in the 1970's I made a good living at a operational computer technician and business programmer.  I always thought that by now (I'm 74) we would have full automation/integration and high-level language constructs. But instead computer language systems Devolved from COBOL (https://hjs-enterprises.com/samplecobol.html) and higher-level languages to more 'assembler' code constructs that only a few technophiles could decipher.


It seems that over 50 years has gained us little or nothing but virus prone software, constant security breaches and other nefarious invasions.  It is a horrendous situation and most business/finance systems are STILL Running COBOL based systems.  The main reason for this is that COBOL was/is one of the FEW computer language systems that can operate on Decimal Arithmetic instead of Floating-point.


Then there was the insanity that adopted, possibly one of the very Worst Operating Systems, ever developed: Windows. This piece of crap OS (https://hjs-enterprises.com/microsoft-monopoly.html) has been a Monopoly for decades.  It isn't even a real OS, just a bunch of bits and pieces stitched together by a 'registry' of crap components.  NONE of which are secure or reliable.  The CTL/ALT/DEL mentality continues as these systems constantly crash and the 'Blue Screen of Death' persists.


The only resolution is a complete and total wipe of your system and a 'clean install' which is time consuming and not available to most corporate environments. I really hate to even think of the crap that has infested Windows systems that have remained through many iterations and 'upgrades' of more crap.


The IT industry is mostly composed of ex-gamer (gamer still) with NO business acumen and little desire for security.  I realize that there ARE many who do a great job but the Computer Era continues to be infested with crap software and useless time consuming 'apps' that are, for the most part, counter-productive, unsecured and a waste of time.


Oh well, no doubt only other 'Old Geeks' might agree.  https://hjs-enterprises.com/where-are-the-old-geeks.html