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Thriving with Automation

The Robots are Coming!

*They have been here for decades!*


We see them in magazines, in the movies and on TV. The Robots are coming and with them replacement of the drudgery of manual, repetitious labor. The more traditional jobs will be lost; but that can be a good thing if not a Great Thing!


It is inevitable that this will happen. People are basically lazy. I mean who really loves digging ditches, doing repetitive mind numbing boring jobs? So many people, literally, Hate Their Jobs now, so won't it be a relief to replace these boring, mostly lousy paying, jobs with robots or other automatons?


We deal with automation every day, From the hated voice response systems that most companies use to the order processing of many web sites. All is automated but not very well! Everyone has had to deal with the idiotic “Press 1 for English” or the looping idiocy of these systems when you NEED to actually EXPLAIN a problem but can never seem to get to the point where you can TALK to someone!


Why don't these companies realize that some things just cannot be answered by pressing One, Three or Five? What happened to press Zero for an Operator? While companies reduce expenses with this type of really BAD automation, they are loosing clients/customers to the simple small businesses that actually answer the phone with a “Hello, how may I help you?”


We have all had that joyous feeling when we hear a real person who speaks ENGLISH well on the other end of the line. Often we are Shocked to actually hear a person we might ask “Am I really talking to a live Person?”; it's such a relief that you might forget what you actually are calling about.


This is the HUGE opportunity for small, medium and larger businesses to actually Beat the frustration of automation and build a customer base of loyal, repeat customers. It's called the Service Industry and THAT my friends is where everything is headed. Even Now, after years and years of frustration, people will PAY for that special attention that only a Person, a real properly trained, human being, can provide.


While automatons will dig the ditches, People will actually re-learn to talk to People. Solving problems, yes with automation & systems, but on a personal basis. Training real people to USE the vast amount of data, turning it into Information, is the key. Developing a service industry that will help People find the things they need that a Google search can never accomplish. People who Love helping others, supported by those who might not enjoy personal interaction but thrive in the bowls of data mining, programming and support system. It will be that Personal interaction, that 'Personal Touch' that will be the future.


It's all about INFORMATION, not data. How often have you tried to search for a complex concept and gotten a return of thousands of mostly Useless data; not INFORMATION just data. Machines, no matter how clever can never understand (and won't for a very long time) the complex inner-workings of a human mind and how it seeks Information. Solving Problems is the key and people will PAY for that Service!


If you are looking to start a new business, consider focusing on that Personal Touch. That HUMAN interaction that only YOU can provide to another human being. The understanding of complex issues, complex problems and complex Solutions is something only You, a human being, can provide. There is money service, understanding, and human-human interaction!


Yes, the Robots are coming and I welcome them. I want to be Creative, Learn new things, to be productive, work and help people; not sit or stand on an assembly line doing things that can better be done by robots. We need to instill the love of Learning into our children and help the older generations, Learn how to use, manipulate, oversee, and manage the Robots of Dawn.