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What I need in a Smart Cell Phone Total Hands Free Operation!


There are a ton of voice activation/response systems out there for a lot of different Smart Devices (cell phones). Most of them are 'neat shit' applications that really are more toys than applications. I do NOT want to talk to my cell phone, I want it to DO things I demand without using my hands: True Voice Command & Control!


Now, if I want to use a voice directive, I have to take out the phone, 'swipe' the screen to activate it then click/press on an application to activate the voice response application. Doesn't anyone else see this as totally counter productive? The 'auto-wake up' feature really doesn’t' work worth a damn (see below for additional comments on this).


If I am driving or just sitting at my computer or on the patio and I want to call a friend, why can't I just give a command via a bluetooth headset? If I am driving, why can't I just ask “where am I' or 'directions to' or 'drive to' such and such place?


Now, I will say I am an Android user and have never owned an Apple device so I'll focus on my latest Android phone: Galaxy S3 from Samsung. I have seen the commercials for the Apple Siri application. Galaxy S3 has 'S Voice'. Well it sort of works. I set the 'wake up' command to simply 'S3'. Sometimes it works if I shout at it. I did get it to turn on my bluetooth but after that the voice commands were not recognized. If I said 'S3' which was the 'wake up command' it displays “I'm not sure what you mean by S three”. Now what good is that displayed message if the cell phone is in my pocket? It doesn't give a vocal response at all.


If I do get it to 'wake up' the screen displays messages there is no voice response message. I've been playing with it for over an hour and have yet to get it to do much of anything productive. So far it is pretty much worthless as is every other voice command application I've tried and searched for. Right now the stupid S3 is sitting there waiting for me to press the little microphone button on the bottom of the screen for command input. Worthless!


I set the S3 device to, supposedly' wake up and active the 'screen swipe' with voice command only, but that does not work with a bluetooth headset (and yes the S3 bluetooth is enabled and connected to my headset). It is totally inactive even if I shout at it sitting on my desk a mere 12 inches away. Worthless!


Now, THIS is what I want to do! While my cell screen is off, I want to be able to say 'screen on' and have it turn on the screen. Helpful if I am typing and want to search for something or call someone. If I am in my car and have my S3 in a dashboard holder (or on my windshield) saying 'screen on' or 'screen off' when driving to a location would be extremely helpful (save battery life too), as I may be happy with simple voice directions from the on-board navigation in my phone! If I say 'S3 screen on' I would be able to check my progress on my road trip. Nice!? But that doesn't work; not even close.


How about while I'm working or driving and think of a message I want to send? How about saying 'S3 send text message to John Doe'. I would expect the phone to respond with 'S3 ready' or something like that. If I change my mind, how about being able to say 'S3 cancel message' or 'S3 cancel operation'. This would be helpful when dialing phones or sending email as I would expect sending email would be the same function as sending a text.


How about when you are driving and decide you want to check navigation and traffic to your destination? If you say “S3 drive to 'location'”, it should say distance to location is 'x miles or yards or whatever'. This should work even if you haven't been using navigation so far. It should check traffic and 're-route' you auto-magically!


All these little things are well within the scope of our current technology with Samsung Galaxy S3 and other smart phones. If a cell or device company really wanted to capture a market and make their devices useful they would think about supplying a tool that we could actually USE!


I am a frustrated Computer User for over 45 years now. We should have progressed WAY more than we have making technology truly useful for people. Am am blessed with two hands and two legs/feet and have decent vision and hearing. There are SO many people who do not have these same facilities and a 'smarter' device would benefit them tremendously. The sight impaired have tools that will read screens and accept voice commands but they are expensive pieces of software. We have the technology in more advanced devices and software voice recognition (it has come amazingly far) but no one has put it to PRODUCTIVE use.


Come on people, someone who would actually create an application that is USEFULL would own the friggin world! PC's, Laptops, Hand-held/portable devices by the millions are out there just waiting on a decent voice command/control system that actually WORKS and isn't something to just play with. If you Do have something that works or know of a decent application, PLEASE contact me!