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United States of America


Often we here in the United States of America forget to remember our heritage and those individuals who sacrificed so much so we might have the freedoms we exercise today.  It is important to ever recall those words spoken and written by our founders as we progress into this millennium.


The Constitution of the United States and the related document do not require that all citizens shall be experts in everything.  But, the major premise, without which the whole democratic republic structure must collapse, is that the people will be informed enough, intelligent enough and interested enough to judge the policies proposed to them by those whom they have elected to office, with information, intelligence and interest to represent them.


These words written so long ago are the bedrock of our Great Nation.  Re-read these words (many of you possibly for the first time?) and understand the true foundation of this Great Nation.


Presented for your review:


The Rules for Handling and Displaying the U.S. Flag

The Declaration of Independence

The United States of America Constitution

The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 - 10)

Amendments to the United States Constitution (11 - 27)